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Content Management Solution unifies document, digital asset, Web content, and records management. A single-architecture approach allows all content, documents, Web pages, imagery, email and records to be accessed via common interfaces and desktop tools, improving ease of use, sharing, searching, and compliance.
Web Experience Solution enables organizations to deliver a compelling digital experience to customers by deploying and managing sophisticated and engaging Websites across digital channels. This management solution automates the entire process of managing the Web including business-user content authoring, delivery of high-scale dynamic sites, content targeting and optimization, user generated content, social networking integration, end-user personalization, and mobile Web delivery.
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Noronesc delivers a comprehensive set of software and hardware integrated solutions, applications and Industry-focused solutions, with rapid implementation tools, integrated cloud or on-premises infrastructure, so that our customers can maximize their budgets and achieve real business value quickly. Noronesc Applications are powerful, easy-to-use rapid implementation solutions that address the specific requirements of fast-growing companies with limited budgets, bringing proven, best-in-class business flows to reduce the time and costs of implementing enterprise-wide solutions.



The healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce costs while simultaneously improving the quality of healthcare services. Information technology—specifically, integrated information systems and enterprise applications—are enabling healthcare organizations to return to a position of strength. Oracle's industry-focused solutions—including Oracle Healthcare Applications, Database, Middleware and Business Intelligence—automate key materials management, human resources, financial,and clinical processes, enabling healthcare organizations to meet their needs and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.


Gain information about ensuring the quality of care rendered and managing the associated costs through improved integration across all clinical and financial systems, and collaboration across the enterprise.


Increase efficiencies with comprehensive self-service administrative and clinical services serving members, patients, and providers.


Reduce costs by leveraging existing business and clinical systems, and by streamlining the business processes using a shared, common infrastructure.


Key Features


The Healthcare market is predicated, in large part, on the demands being faced by the payor and provider markets. The payors are facing market pressures to be more customer-centric and supportive of customer-facing solutions. In the provider market, there remains a significant focus on security (HIPAA), disease monitoring and issuance of bio-terrorism alerts, reduction of medical errors, and significant, national EHR efforts both in the US and UK. Furthermore, the industry is also having to manage a labor-intensive delivery model that is facing severe workforce shortages and having to manage the concomitant increase in labor costs and shrinking margins. With Oracle, you can improve your current business model:


As the world’s largest enterprise software company, Oracle is committed to helping the Healthcare Industry to:

  • Integrate Business and Clinical Information for Improved Decision Making
  • Enable Secure Patient and Provider Collaboration
  • Recruit, Develop and Retain the Healthcare Workforce
  • Increase Administrative and Materials Management Efficiencies




Integrate Business and Clinical Information for Improved Decision Making

  • Optimize value of legacy systems
  • Facilitates quality and process improvement by implementing a central information repository
  • Empowers all members of a healthcare community by providing them with secure access to a common set of accurate information based on roles and consents
  • HL7 and HIPAA standards
  • Single data model integrating business and patient care data
  • Comprehensive application suite with BI for healthcare


Enable Secure Patient and Provider Collaboration

  • Secure access of patient information across the enterprise
  • Self-service functionality for patients, providers and members
  • Security and Privacy (HIPAA Compliant)
  • Portal (HIPAA and CCOW Compliant)
  • Web conferencing
  • CRM – Business Flows (for Payors)


Recruit, Develop and Retain the Healthcare Workforce

  • Reduce time to hire
  • Extend reach and broaden applicant pool
  • Hire develop and retain key staff
  • Automate and provide self service for applicants and hiring manager
  • iRecruitment
  • Integrated Solution on Single Platform
  • Contingent Labor
  • Competency Mgmt/Suitability Matching


Increase Administrative and Materials Management Efficiencies

  • Extend efficiencies through supplier collaboration;
  • Increased adherence to supplier contract and minimize off contract purchases;
  • Critical performance indicators tracked via personalized views of purchasing portals
  • Ensure that the right supplies arrive at the right point of care at the right time
  • Integrated Solution on Single Platform
  • Out-of-the-box Consolidated reporting
  • Advanced Supply Chain Planning
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain and Purchasing Intelligence

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